expletives: (SR: this isn't too selfish right?)

i'm a festival, i'm a parade

and all the wine is all for me

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❝chemical names, bird names, names of fire and flight and snow...❞

zero, or gray, whichever you prefer. dudette. montrealer. film major. personal journal of a fandomgushy, unrepentantly hipster, and overly enthusiastic retail robin. may contain unsavoury language, but you probably should have known that from the account name, shouldn't you? this journal is friends only, since it's used primarily for whining about meatspace woes (and other things that shouldn't go on tumblr). if for some reason that doesn't deter you, feel free to add!


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james sunderland's sad life, only dating planes, surprise pants, unironically using the word 'kawaii'
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