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❝empress❞the ruler
❝smith❞the tinkerer
❝turncoat❞the trickster
❝scribe❞the author
❝warden❞the protector
❝muse❞the genius
❝prophet❞the seer
❝berserker❞the fighter
❝thief❞the rogue
❝pretender❞the actress
❝sage❞the teacher
❝wanderer❞the traveler
❝witness❞the spectator

❝son❞the gunmage
❝nate❞the real ass gunmage
❝gabs❞the trapper

The MUSE has been theorized by those few scholars of the Many to have been Their need for worshipers. No matter her form the Muse is strikingly beautiful, and if she's to be believed was the model for only the greatest works of art -- like the Mona Lisa and Michelangelo's David. Her tastes start and end with anything that can get her the most attention, the fastest: movie starlets, porn stars, all she cares about is that it comes with fame. No one is ever sure whether or not Muse is lying about some of her lives, but it is at least obvious that she wasn't Marilyn Monroe and Bettie Page.

The PROPHET is the only one of the Many who has retained any of their former sixth, seventh and eighth senses. This makes him one of if not the most volatile of the Many, prone to fits of confusion and visions of futures, presents and pasts, none of which need necessarily will/be/have occur/ing/ed. His past lives are riddled with priests, wisemen, leaders, beggars, outcasts, and many, many dead men. A longstanding telepathic pressure by the other Many has rendered him completely unable to lie, although this does not necessarily guarantee the truth. Prophet's sight is unreliable at best, when thinking in three dimensions.

The WITNESS is in the business of information. Self-proclaimed as the collected castoff of Their former omniscience, the Witness knows everything there is to know, and if he doesn't, he will soon. Witness' life pedigree includes only the most accomplished spies, but he couldn't tell you their names, because spies of his caliber don't leave anything for Wikipedia to write an article about later. Witness leaves a packet of information on himself on the Internet for his next life to find, confident that only he would ever be able to get past the absurd encryptions.

youngest to oldest: smith, turncoat, empress, pretender, scribe, muse, berserker, thief, sage, witness, protector

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